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"Excellent customer service and amazingly fresh pecans! I tried the Desirable variety pecan pieces and they are so flavorful!" Anna B.

"The pecans are always very fresh and I rarely find even one bad one in a big bag. I use them in my granola, biscotti and cookies every year." Loraine B.

"Wonderful product, great in pecan pies!!!" Monica P.

"I love their pecans!!! We love forward to each year’s new crop." Shantelle R. 

"Marilyn and Dennis not only work hard to produce and protect their harvest they offer incredible customer service. I have been purchasing pecans for my sweet momma from them for 5 years now. They always make certain, despite how busy they are to see that their customers are taken care of one on one. A refreshing thing this day in time. Your work ethic is appreciated! Her Thanksgiving pecan pie was fabulous and her traditional fruit cake will be in the oven sometime this week." Phillis F.

"Your pecans were excitedly received in Massachusetts again this year. Best gift ever!" Billy A. 


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